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One day, a long, long time ago...

Justin studied fashion and shoe design at Epsom School of Art and Design. This is where his love of leather and pattern cutting started (and where he got a whole train station shut down for hours when he left his art box unattended, and almost blown up...)

Fast-forward a few years (OK, maybe nearly 20...)

The opportunity arose to take on a unit in a cob barn at Cockington Court in 2013 whereby 'Gaff' was officially born. Initially more of an 'upcycling' venture, it soon became apparent that Justin's reupholstery skills where attracting a slightly different work base - mainly of traditional and high-end pieces including G-Plan, Ercol and Eames.  A year later, and a little move into a swanky glass fronted studio in the Sea Change Studios, also at Cockington Court saw Justin settled, with more word-of-mouth work than he knew what to do with.  

More commercial projects started to roll in, from built-in restaurant seating to made-to-measure hotel headboards to bespoke commissions for top-end kitchen refurbishments.  These projects sparked a love of creating handmade items, and so the Gaff Interiors brand was launched.  Still very much in it's infancy,  Justin is hoping to be able to create a range of luxury, hand-made furniture items using only the finest materials 

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