Do you have a favourite chair or sofa that is looking tired or dated? Show it some love and have it re-upholstered. Whether a family heirloom or functional everyday piece of furniture, from little footstools to corner sofas we can re-upholster your cherished items and give them a new lease of life. At Gaff we have a wide range of both traditional and modern fabrics to choose from to suit all types of furniture new and old.

We think re-upholstering your furniture is a much better option than buying new! Why? because its removes the stress of buying new, you know your sofa or chair fits perfectly in your home and you wont have to wait 6-10 weeks for delivery.

Its very simple, we can come and visit you in your home, discuss fabrics, technique and finishes, take your furniture away and have it back to you in a much quicker time. You can create your own bespoke piece, made to your spec, help the environment and lessen the stress of buying new.

Would you like a quote?

If you have a piece(s) that you would like us to come and look at please contact us here.

Alternatively if you supply the following details we can prepare an estimate and get back to you asap:

- Some rough measurements including height, width and length which are important for material costs and labour.

- If you are supplying your own material please send a picture or describe it in detail. Please include fabric width, repeat pattern and details such as tartan, plaids, stripes etc.

- Please let us know if the frame is in need of repair and any major or minor changes you may want to make to the finished product.

To ensure an accurate price, if you have any digital images you can send with your enquiry they would be grately appreciated and help us provide a better service.

Please send your enquiry to