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Do you have a favourite chair or sofa that is looking tired or dated? Show it some love and have it re-upholstered. Whether a family heirloom or functional everyday piece of furniture, from little footstools to corner sofas we can re-upholster your cherished items and give them a new lease of life. At Gaff we have a wide range of both traditional and modern fabrics to choose from to suit all types of furniture new and old. Continue reading


Headboards can transform a bedroom, they add a touch of luxury, style, warmth and detail to the room, and of course they are perfect for the Sunday morning lie in! Where headboards are concerned bespoke has become affordable. Gaff create one off completely bespoke headboards where you choose the size, fabric, style, shape and finish. We have a wide range of contemporary fabrics from leading designers to choose from, Continue reading


Here at Gaff we love all things furniture! In a disposable world its so rewarding seeing life extended in furniture. Most of the time this will be in the form of re-upholstery, but more recently items of furniture are being upcycled, quite often creating a completely different look. We try and source our furniture for upcycling at charity shops which adds even more meaning to the process and creates good feeling for both us and our clients. Continue reading


The material that covers furniture is vital. It will bring the piece to life, add character and stylise the whole finished look. We feel it is important to get exactly the right fabric for your furniture, not only should it suit the style and shape but quite often the era and essence of the piece. There are not a lot of fabrics we cannot get hold off, from budget end of line stock to stunning printed velvets and hand painted one of a kind lengths. Continue reading